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Central parking management for businesses

travipay Business makes your day-to-day work easier. For companies, public parking comes with huge administrative costs: from the need to collect receipts and the preparation of travel expense claims, through to testing and release processes.

With travipay Business central parking management, you can minimise such expenses for your company. In addition, you’ll be providing your employees with a solution that allows them to make cashless parking payments throughout Germany.

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Benefits of travipay Business

Cashless parking via app or SMS: Reducing annoying administrative tasks for field staff.
Monthly billing of all parking transactions: Easier accounting and simple billing.
No pre-tax losses due to missing or non-deductible receipts.
Minimising the administrative burden of fines issued due to expired parking tickets.
Start-stop function in selected cities:
Your employees can stop paying for parking when they return to the car.

Fair terms; can be terminated on a monthly basis

travipay Business is billed for each active phone number: i.e. a phone number that has been activated in travipay Business at least once in the course of a month. Phone numbers that are not active are not billed for. Prices are exclusive of statutory VAT

  • 1 - 5 numbers
  • 3,90 € per number
    • One-off set-up fee not applicable

  • 6 to 15 numbers
  • 3,60 € per number
    • One-off set-up fee not applicable

  • 16 to 30 numbers
  • 3,30 € per number
    • One-off set-up fee not applicable

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