sunhill technologies

Let’s be honest: Life is complicated and so is mobility. Moving through our new digital world demands not only digital know-how but various digital tools: Checking the roads to work, buying a parking ticket, using public transportation or charging my electric car. Every part calls for its own digital solution.

We at sunhill technologies have a vision of a simpler, easier and greener mobility in cities. We want to relieve people from digital stress and make their life easier.

We recognized the trend to mobile payment already in the year 2001. Since then we are developing mobile payment solutions along the mobility chain – simple, secure and cashless.

Through the years we teamed up with valuable partners, like leading telecommunication partners and producers/providers in the field of parking, e-mobility and tTicketing.

Since 2015 sunhill technologies is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Financial Service AG. Before we were supported by leading German companies and investors like MIG, HTGF, KfW and Bayern Kapital.

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