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To download transaction receipts fast and conveniently, please register on the TraviPay® Web Portal. It’s free and takes only 5 minutes.


To start your free registration, go here: https://account.travipay.com/registration/


After registration, click on Transactions in the top menu. Select your phone number and time frame and click Find Transactions. You will see a list of transactions below, sorted by date. To download transaction receipts, click the printer icon on the right. Transaction receipts include billing address and VAT.

Red transactions show errors. Errors can have a number of different reasons, e.g. transaction was cancelled. In this case, there is no receipt available.

If you prefer a transaction summary of all parking transactions at the end of the month, register for TraviPay® Premium (login required). If you’re interested in a company account to manage all your employees monthly transactions, then TraviPay® Business is for you.